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From: mike loggerman
Subject: Finding a Twink - 6NOTE: This is a work of fiction and is not 3d taboo bbs based on anyone, living or dead
nor on real events. The story is the product of the imagination of the
author.It was a hot summer day and I went to the beach. I loved seeing the hot
young guys in their speedos. I went into the changing rooms, and noticed a
slightly chubby teen loitering, watching the guys come and go. I took my
time at the wash sink, watching him through the mirror, and saw he wasn't
looking at guys his age, but was looking at the older guys. I went to the
changing area, and there weren't many guys there. I slowly took off my
clothes, and saw him checking me out. He moved to a bench closer to me, and
I slid off my briefs, and tugged on my cock and balls. I looked at him and
nodded, like it was his turn. He slid llita bbs guestbook
down his shorts and briefs. I stared
at his hairy crotch and watched him tug on his cock, which looked to be a
little bigger than mine. He looked at me and I licked my lips.We heard people coming in to the room, so we pulled up our swimsuits, and
walked outside. I stood next to him and whispered in his ear that I'd love
to play with him. He asked where, and I said we could go to my place. He
nodded and followed me to my car. As we drove, he told me his name was
Ralphie. I fondled his cock through his swimsuit. I felt him getting hard,
and was loita bbs japan going to ask him to slid his swimsuit down, but we arrived japan xxx pic bbs at my
apartment. He held his towel in front of his crotch to hide his hardon.When we got inside the apartment, he pulled my swimsuit down and started
stroking my cock. I stood there, letting him feel me all over. He sucked
my nipples, and ran his hands along my hairy chest. I slid down his
swimsuit, and felt his hairy hard cock and balls. He had a thick six inch
circumcised cock. I got on my knees and breathed in his teen scent before
taking his cock tiny models bbs in my mouth. As I sucked him, I let my hands wander all
over his chest and ass. He moaned and throbbed as I bobbed up and down his
pulsing shaft. We lay on the bed in a 69 position and sucked each other,
burying our faces in each other's pubes. When he got close, he said he was
going to cum. I said "me too," and we sucked each other harder until we
cummed in each other's mouths. We swallowed each other's loads then lay
side by side and tongue kissed, mixing what was left of our loads in our
mouths. As we lay there, I licked his pits and sucked his nipples. He lay back
with his legs spread and I got between his legs and sucked his balls and
licked from his balls to his ass. I asked how old he was, and he told me he
was 16. He moaned as I licked his pink hole. I asked how long he was
playing bbs list pics sex with guys, and he said two years. I asked how he got bbs sun
started, and
he said he didn't have a dad, and got to asian bbs biz gallery
be friends with an older neighbor.
He free xxx usenet bbs said he loved feeling the guy's hairy body, and sucking his cock. I
asked what he did with the guy, and he said just sucked. He told me he
loved the guy touching and licking him all over. I told him I loved his
body and would love sucking him zeps guide bbs and taking as much cum as he would give me.
He said he loved my body and would do anything I wanted. I told him I would
really love it if he would fuck me and cum in my ass. He looked surprised,
but I saw his cock was hard and dripping. He stammered and said he had
never fucked before. I said I'd love to be his first.I pulled my legs up on my chest, exposing my hole. I told him to rub his
oozing cock head against my hole. It felt good to me, and I could tell he
was enjoying it too. I told him when he was ready to slowly slide it in.
He held the back of my thighs as he thrust his head and part of his shaft
into my ass. He moaned as my ass closed tightly around his cock. He
started thrusting slowly in and out of me until I could feel his pubes
against me. I told him how good his cock felt inside me. He moaned with
every thrust inside me. As he pounded me, he stretched on top of me and we
kissed. I felt like I was going to cum, and he said he was going to cum
too. He thrust harder and faster, and I felt him explode inside early teen girls bbs me, as I
shot my load between us. He pulled out of me and I sucked him clean while
he licked my cum off me.We stepped into the shower and soaped each other and enjoyed our
closeness. He said I needed to take him back to the beach because his
friends were going to meet him. I said I could take him back, or if he
wanted to stay, he could fuck bbs hardcore
me again. He got behind me and I asked him
to fuck me from behind. he reached around and stroked my cock as he
pounded my ass. He really felt so good in me. After he shot his load in
me, we got dressed and I took him back to the beach. I gave him my number,
and said he could have sex with me whenever he wanted.I watched as he walked along the beach and caught up with his friends. They
looked like nerds. I drove away and figured I'd never hear from him again.Ralphie called me a couple of days later, and asked if he could come over.
I was surprised, but glad. I told him to come over, and when he got there,
I was surprised to find him standing there with one of the nerds he was with
at the beach. I wasn't prepared for that, but invited them in. I just hoped
he would have the wisdom to not say what we did. They sat down and I got
them each a coke, and I looked over the nerd. He was very skinny with hairy
legs and thighs. He was wearing a tank top and had acne on his shoulders
and chest. He had dark armpit hair.Ralphie introduced his friend, who's name was Neil, and that Neil was
horny, and would like a blow job. I would have been upset that he was
telling people what we did, but I liked how Neil looked and I wanted to get
in his pants. I asked Neil how old he was. torture bbs Neil blushed and said he just
turned 16. He kept staring at me. I asked Ralphie if he and Neil had ever
done anything with each other, and he said they had just jerked each other
off.I motioned for Neil to come closer to me and he stood in front of me. I
started to feel the bulge in his shorts. I slid my hands up his tee
shirt,and he took it off. I ran my hands along his hairless chest, and he
let out a sigh. I told him he had a nice body. He smiled and let me
continue feeling him up. He lifted his arms so i could feel and lick his
hairy pits. I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down, revealing his
cum stained while briefs.I felt his balls and cock bulge, which was
growing. His dark pubes came out the side of his briefs, and I leaned in
and sniffed his crotch, which smelled delicious. I commented that he was
pretty hairy down there, and he smiled and asked if I liked that, and I said
I liked it a lot. His big cock was straining against the briefs and I
pulled them down, causing his eight inch cock to spring up and his his
stomach. His thick bush almost covered his pelvis. I ran my fingers
through his pubes as I held his cock and licked around the head. He moaned
loudly. I held his protruding pelvic bones as I took his cock in my mouth
and moved up and down his bbs sun big thick shaft. As I sucked Neil, Ralphie slid
off my shorts and started stroking my cock. Neil started thrusting in my
mouth harder and faster as he watched Ralphie finger my ass. bbs list pics sex Neil said it
was hot, and asked if he could fuck me. I asked him to cum in my mouth
first, so he let me continue to suck him. I felt his big hairy balls as I
sucked him down to his pubes. I felt his cock throbbing, and he started to
shoot a huge load in my mouth. He watched me swallow all of it.Ralphie stood by my face and I started sucking his six inch cock while I
pulled on his balls. Neil stroked his cock as he watched me suck Ralphie's
cock. It wasn't long before he was leaking precum. Neil scooted between my
legs and pulled them up as he pressed his dripping cock head against my
hole. He pushed his bulging head into me and moaned loudly as he thrust in
and bbs hentai art
out of me and felt my ass squeeze around his throbbing cock. I moaned
as Neil's massive cock slid back and forth against my prostate. He stroked
my cock as he fucked me and watched me suck off Ralphie. Ralphie started to
moan as he unloaded his cum in my mouth. Neil fucked me faster and harder
as he jerked my cock hard. I started to shoot my load, and my ass closed in
on Neil's cock. Neil moaned as he filled my ass with his thick warm cum.
He pulled out of me and japan xxx pic bbs I started sucking his cock clean. Ralphie took some
of Neil's cum which was dripping out of my ass and rubbed his cock with it
and slid it into my ass. As I sucked Neil, we watched as Ralphie fucked me
hard and fast. They got off on watching each other fuck me. Ralphie shot
his load in my ass, and Neil pulled out of my mouth and rammed his cock in
my ass, thrusting a few times before shooting inside me again.We all lay on the bed, covered in sweat and cum. I thanked them and said
they can fuck me anytime they wanted, but warned them not to tell anyone.
We all showered and they left.

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